ada mata pandang, ada telinga dengar, ada mulut diam

    Favourite Quotes

    # "I am not a has-been. I am a will be"

    # "determine to do some thinking for yourself. Don't live entirely upon the thoughts of others. don't be an automaton"

    # "The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight but has no vision"

    # "the act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this is turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium"

Sahabat Maya

autobiografi saya,

bila korang kena tagged, isi dan post balik dlm new notes korang sebagai "my autobiography" dan sile guna korang pnye jawapan sendirik, bukan tiru eh. kemudian tag 21 kawan korang termasuk saye ye. kalo takda 21 kawan..? hmm sian korang. ;p

dari sini kita kenal kawan2.

1. Where did you take your profile pic?
*blog* genting sempah

2. What exactly are you wearing right now?
nice yellow t-shirt design by creativeminds

3. What is your current problem?
paling ketara ialah ekonomi semasa dan masalah kecederaan kaki yang agak serius. hoho

4. What makes you happy most?
erm... lutut saya kembali pulih? hoho

5. What's the name of the song that you're listening to?
metallica - the unforgiven II

6. Any celeb you would marry?

7. Name someone with the same birthday as you?
rafael van der vaart (holland international footballer)

8. Ever sang in front of a large audience?

9. Has anyone ever said you look like a celebrity?
erm... tiada dalam data.

10. Do you still watch kiddie movies or kiddie TV shows?
sometimes. hoho

11. Do you speak any languages?
melayu, jawa, klate, english.

12.Do you ever watch MTV?

Chapter 1:

1. Middle name:
shafwan *yang pasti ramai org salah eja*

2. Nickname(s) (for friends):

3. Current location:
bilik tidur saya

4. Eye color:
hitam itu unggul

Chapter 2:

Do you get along well with your parents?
katakan ya!

Chapter 3: Favorites


1. Ice creams

2. Shampoo/conditioner:

Chapter 4: Do You...

1. Dance in the shower?
kenkandang gak la

2. Do you write on your hand?
semasa zaman kanak2 dahulu.

3. Call people back?
kadangkala pabila merasakan penting

4. Believe in love?
cinta itu buta dan juga boleh membutakan..

5. Any mental health issues?
ada barangkali. hoho

Chapter 5: Have You..

1. Broken a bone?

2. Sprained anything?
most of the time

3. Had physical therapy?

4. Gotten stitches?

5. Taken painkillers?
need to somtimes.


1. I love : my family and all my friends.

2. I don't understand: what i'm learning in my degree.. hoho

3. When I wake up in the morning: take a look on watch and fall asleep again. hoho

4. Life is full of: things.. things.. things....

5. I get annoyed very quickly when: i pissed off.

6. Parties are : errr... fun maybe.. hoho

7. Dogs are: anjing

8. Cats are: kucing.

9. Tomorrow is :the day after today.

10. I have a low tolerance for: backstabbers.

11. If I had a million dollars I would: used it. hoho

12. I'm totally terrified of : loosing people aroud me.

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