ada mata pandang, ada telinga dengar, ada mulut diam

    Favourite Quotes

    # "I am not a has-been. I am a will be"

    # "determine to do some thinking for yourself. Don't live entirely upon the thoughts of others. don't be an automaton"

    # "The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight but has no vision"

    # "the act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this is turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium"

Sahabat Maya

Situasi 1

disebuah kedai makan, datang dua orang dari satu meja ke satu meja. seorang buta bersama tisu, seorang tidak dan memimpin orang buta.

orang buta (OB) : kak, derma kak. ikhlas.
seorang pelanggan perempuan (PP): nah. ikhlas. (sambil menghulur not RM10)

seterusnya ke meja satu lagi. kali ini pelanggan lelaki (PL).

OB : bang derma bang. ikhlas.
PL : xpelah. (sambil menunjukkan tapak tangan dengan machonya).

situasi 2

sekumpulan kanak-kanak berpakaian compang-camping berkeliaran dikedai makan.

KK : bang derma bang, saya dah dua hari tidak makan.
P1 : nah ambillah. pergi makan ya.
KK : terima kasih.

seterusnya pergi ke meja lain.

KK : bang derma bang, saya dah dua hari tidak makan.
P2 : ko dah makan ke belum?
KK : belum bang.
P2 : meh duduk sekali makan.
KK : xpe la bang.

P2 terus menerus bertanya soalan dan KK naik menyampah dan terus blah.

Situasi 3

seorang berkopiah dan membawa beberapa dokumen yang telah lusuh berkeliaran di kedai-kedai makan sambil melabon.

Lelaki tersebut : bang, derma untuk bina masjid bla bla bla bla...
(sambil menunjukkan beberapa dokumen lusuh serta gambar keratan akhbar)
P1 : ambilah ni bang. (sambil menghulur not RM10)

lelaki tersebut terus melabon di meja yang lain.

lelaki tersebut : bang, derma bla bla bla bla bla (dah cam hafal skrip plak, panjang lebar)
P2 : tol ka ni sah bang?
lelaki tersebut : betul bang (sambil menunjukkan dokumen2 yang ada)
P2 : ni apa? surat dah lusuh, gambaq pn xjelas. nak menipu ka bang?
lelaki tersebut : betul bang, saya xtipu.
P2 : xpa la bang, simpan je la..

tujuan entry ni ditulis bukan untuk menjatuhkan orang tetapi ianya adalah realiti hidup.

sekadar berkongsi, fikir-fikirkan dan selamat beramal.

Namewee hantams oldskool CNY tunes

We just past through Chinese New Year Festive. Here some interesting thing from the controversial rapper named Namewee.

His potent rhyming:

eventhough i can't understand any single word spoken by both guys, but it sound nice. huhu
and who ever understand, can you please provide me the translation. huhu

read out from :


******************** kau, aku berbeda *******************

kau boleh

- menghina aku
- mengherdik aku
- mencaci aku
- menuduh aku
- menjatuhkan aku
- memaki aku

kerana aku bukan kau. tetapi, aku juga boleh;

- menghina kau
- mengherdik kau
- mencaci kau
- menuduh kau
- menjatuhkan kau
- memaki kau

malangnya aku tidak akan;

- menghina kau
- mengherdik kau
- mencaci kau
- menuduh kau
- menjatuhkan kau
- memaki kau

walaupun kau bukan aku, aku bukan kau. jika aku membuat seperti kau, aku dah menjadi seperti kau. kau dan aku, berbeda.

aku akan;

- memaafkan kau
- melupakan kesalahan kau
- menerima kau
- menasihati kau
- membantu kau
- menolong kau

atas dasar apa;

- kerana aku juga bisa melakukan kesilapan
- kerana aku bukan seorang pendendam
- kerana aku bukan seorang egois
- kerana aku bukan seorang pemarah
- kerana aku seorang pemaaf
- kerana aku insan yang lemah

oleh itu, marilah kita saling maaf bermaafan, lupakan kisah silam dan memacu kehidupan yang lebih sempurna.


pause and ponder IV


Avatar Alert

While blog walking, it crossed my mind of reading this blog entry. I just wanna shares with all of you about this matter.

Avatar alert! Video of Palestinian villagers dressing up as Na’vi & braving teargas to protest Israeli imperialism!

sources :

pause and ponder III

we become a champion by fighting one more round. when things are tough, we fight one more round and remember that You'll Never Walk Alone.


pause and ponder II

time will help you through, but it doesn't have time to give all the answers to the never-ending why because you'll do the rest.

'bujang' day out

Date : 15th February 2010
Venue : Bukit Tinggi, Klang
Committee : Mohamad Shafwan, Zeera Qaseh, Nurhusmyra Naema, Warna Nur

It was so much fun. Thank you guys for the times spent for that day. Watching Valentine Day movie eventhough we are single, but I'm not sure bout the availability. It's a day that carve a huge smile on my face. Not just having so much fun with those girls, i'm also encounter someone that melting me over. I don't know whether i can communicate with "DIA" or not. Time will decide.

Done with "DIA". Back to the topic. With Nurhusmyra Naema and Warna Nur been single in just over a week, it didn't stop us to have so much fun even just only window shopping and watching movie at Bukit Tinggi, Klang. Me and Zeera Qaseh? It is better not to tell bout our (read in separate way because we are not in relationship) relationship. ha ha.

To Warna Nur, I'll support you from the back, front, side or from any angle you want. You got my numbers right. That is how Besties do.

To Ema, be strong girl. When we believe we can, insyaALLAH you can make it. Explore a new way of life is a great experince.

To Zeera, no words can write here. I'll text you later.

To me? ha ha. Lot of things to be remind to myself. I'll write in another post.



pause and ponder.

"the act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium."

Hey, I do love this quote. We need to do some alterations to this quote by change 'putting pen to paper' to 'write in the blog' due to the technology enhancement. But, it sounds nicer in that way. ;)

2nd edition?

last night my family gathered together in my andak's house to have monthly family gathering. each months we have this family gathering. the main objectives is to gathered together and discuss any issues that need to be discussed.

last night also we have a little birthday party celebrated my brothers and my birthday that is on 9th (my younger brother), 11th (mine) and 13th (my older bro). Last year we didn't celebrate because my younger bro meet an accident on 8th February 2009 and coma for nearly a month. so, this year we celebrate and prioritize to my younger bro because of that occasion.

This year I only manage to get 2 gifts that is from lalink ieda (its a book) and my family (cant tell you what it is.. ngeh3x!~). but, that is now the important thing. the more important thing is all of my friends remember my birthday. unfortunately, i've been waiting from someone but nothing came pass me by. its ok then..

p/s: thank you so much guys.. luv u all..


A month without football? Just twice watching football match of Liverpool vs Everton and also Liverpool vs Arsenal. I couldn't believe that I didn’t play any kind of sport especially football and also futsal during that time.

On February, 4 I've been checking my knee pain at Hospital Ampuan Rahimah Klang. The result is
anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury. For me, this result is not a shocking news because I've been google-ing all kind of injury that related to knee and one of it is this ACL injury. Before this I've posted bout my injury. I thought its medial collateral ligament, but my guess is totally wrong. After that, I've another appointment that is on March, 18.

For now, I will put myself on "no-sports-activities mode". Behind of this is because I don’t want to loose my knee in this young age. Minimizing the involvement on sports activities would help I guess.

My passion on football keep on decreasing due to my injury. For now, I need to find a new way to spend my free time. I don’t want to much spending my time on facebooking, myspacing, blogwalking and playing electronic games. Anyone have a suggestion?

My oh My

Time : almost 0430.
Place : my room
mood : unknown
theme song : caramel - jauh kau pergi

People said that we can easily archieved something, that’s almost true. And they also said that its not easy to protect something that have you been achieved before. Yes I couldn't agree more with this. Life is nothing less like the economic life cycle. In economy, they have recession, depression, expansionary and peak. Same goes to our life. As we been on the top, we will somehow to be in the bottom.

Now my age has clocked to 22 years. Yes I am 22 years old now. Most of my colleagues doesn't know that I was born on 1988. Thanks to my primary school archievement , the phenomenal one I guess. Since that, I've used to have friends that older then me. I tend to act just like I born at 1987. Ah, never mind.

21 years of living. Since 12 years old, I used to lived far from my family. Do it all alone. Asrama Tun Dr Ismail and St. John Institution, Kuala Lumpur. A place where I can assume as my turning point of life. I know better about the world. Learn how to survive in a metropolitan world. Even I just an ordinary person. Thank you.

2002, been kicked out from Asrama Tun Dr Ismail and automatically transfer from St John Institution to SMK Telok Datok giving me the new experince of life. Where I found 'lepaking' and futsal teammate. It also giving me time to-get-know my villagers and also they can get-to-know me. Circa 2003-2004, been in SMKTD I learn new thing that so-called LOVE. No need to mention her name I think.

Circa 2005, it’s a Universities lifes begin. Knowing tons of friends. UiTM Kelantan to be mentioned where a place I learned deeply bout life, passion, love and all the things that make me Mohamad Shafwan today. 2005-2008 bring me lots of experience. Kesatria Negara, Mara University of Technology Accountancy Society (MUTAC), Jawatankuasa Perwakilan Kolej Tunku Abd Rahman, Kelab Debat dan Pidato, Karnival Sukan Mahasiswa UiTM. Those are the main medium of "ME" today.

Mid 2008 until end 2008, Geodis Wilson Freight Management is the place of another experience. To be in working field is not an easy task but its fun. After tiredly working all days, we'll be paid. The time where all servant in the world smiling all the times.

End November 2008, is the time of convocation. Finally and officially I posses a Diploma in Accountancy from UiTM. A day which I can't ever forget. In the end Of December, I pursuing my studies in degree level at UiTM Malaysia. This time, no more accounting things. Now, I'm Business Management student. Taking BBA (Hons) Business Economics. One of my interest. ;)

22 is a matter of numbers. Ah, who's care? I hope my life starting from 22nd birthday would be a great moment of my life.

To my old and new colleagues, lets moving forward. Bring joy, prosperity, bless, happiness and so much more positive things to our life. Thank You so much guys.

p/s : thank you to Ajid Genki, Anisyuhada Zakaria, Fairuz Nabila Mohamed Hussain, Nadia Nabila Ibrahim, Ahmad Syamir, Mohd Izham Roslan, Siti Khadijah Jamaluddin and Khairunisa Juhaizat for the Birthday Party and also the foods..

not forget to mention to all my BMBE4A that giving a very nice cooperation during class photoshoot. can't wait to get the pictures.


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Kick Out Racism

Kick Out Racism
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