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Sahabat Maya

2nd edition?

last night my family gathered together in my andak's house to have monthly family gathering. each months we have this family gathering. the main objectives is to gathered together and discuss any issues that need to be discussed.

last night also we have a little birthday party celebrated my brothers and my birthday that is on 9th (my younger brother), 11th (mine) and 13th (my older bro). Last year we didn't celebrate because my younger bro meet an accident on 8th February 2009 and coma for nearly a month. so, this year we celebrate and prioritize to my younger bro because of that occasion.

This year I only manage to get 2 gifts that is from lalink ieda (its a book) and my family (cant tell you what it is.. ngeh3x!~). but, that is now the important thing. the more important thing is all of my friends remember my birthday. unfortunately, i've been waiting from someone but nothing came pass me by. its ok then..

p/s: thank you so much guys.. luv u all..

4 Ulasan:

chokachoki said...

slamat menjadikan diri anda 22 taun...may god bless u~

darth one said...

ye selamat2..
terima kasih wahai chokachoki..

Anonymous said...

ape hadiah dari family tu???

darth one said...

just a towel uh..
gift from persatuan keluarga.. huhu

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